Gayla James is an Urban Christian Artist from Fort Myers Fl. Gayla James has
achieved many musical accomplishments independently, such as completing
three cd projects, which are Never-ending Praise, Broken and Spiritual Intimacy.
All three have landed her nominations and awards. Gayla James music videos are
aired nationally and internationally.

For example, her video “I'm Gonna Make You Dance” is aired on TBN in Africa.

Gayla James musical style has gotten the attention of many worldwide producers
and artist. Her style is unique, refreshing and edgy. Gayla has performed on the
world-renowned Show, Dr Bobby Jones Gospel. She has appeared on FOX 4 “Lee
Pitts Live” and “Time of Refreshing” with host James Cleveland. She has shared
the stage with many icons of Gospel music. Gayla James has 5 Pandora Stations,
her music can be heard on IHEART Radio, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Not
only does Gayla composes all her music, she enjoys play writing and acting as
well. If you ask Gayla why she loves singing? She will tell you because it's her
passion and music is medicine for her soul. She wants lives to change, hearts to
heal through the message in her songs.